Mora Kipkorn/Chicken Corn 280gr (5pc)

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Product Information:

  • Chicken snack, pre-fried, frozen.
    Deliciously tender chicken snacks with a crispy cornflakes crust. A real Mora Originals.

Store in the freezer at -18°C.
Shelf life: see panel.
Do not refreeze after thawing.

How to prepare:

  • Deep fryer 4 min. (175°C)
    Frozen: 4 min.
    Thawed: 3 min.
    Please note: do not exceed the stated maximum preparation time and baking temperature.
    Fan oven 9 min. (220°C)
    Frozen: 9 min.
    Preheat the convection oven and turn the product regularly.
    Airfryer 8 min. (200°C)
    Frozen: 8 min.
    Maximum quantity: bottom of basket covered.
    Preheat air fryer.
    Pan 11 mins.
    Frozen: 11 min.
    Thawed: 8 min.
    Add a dash of oil to the pan, medium heat and turn the product regularly.
    The times mentioned are averages.
    That is why we advise you to try out the exact preparation time.

Ingredients :

  • Chicken meat 34% (of which mechanically separated chicken meat 21%)
  • water
  • vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed)
  • breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, yeast, salt)
  • corn flakes (corn, barley malt extract, salt, sugar)
  • wheat flour
  • chicken fat
  • chicken collagen
  • soy protein concentrate
  • salty
  • lifting agent (flour (wheat, rye), wheat starch, raising agents: E450 and E500, salt, palm oil, whey powder (milk), milk protein, wheat gluten)
  • emulsifiers: E450, E451 and E452
  • natural aromas
  • spices
  • onion powder
  • antioxidant: E300
  • spices
  • "E" numbers are EU approved excipients.

Allergy information:

  • Contains: Milk, Rye, Wheat, Barley, Soy
  • May also contain: Eggs

Nutritional value per 100gr:

  • Energy 1306 kJ/314 kcal
  • Fats 23 g
  • - of which saturated fatty acids 7.5 g
  • Carbohydrates 15 g
  • - of which sugars 1.0 g
  • Fiber 1.0 g
  • Proteins 11 g
  • Salt 1.6 g